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Pep Clinic & Academy

Pep Clinic & Academy has been well established in Hereford since 2016. Owner Cassandra Lewis has become well known in Hereford as ‘The brow lady’. After recently expanding the salon, Cassie has collaborated with some incredible technicians at the top of their game. Pep Clinic & Academy is a one stop shop for all your permanent make up, aesthetic and beauty needs. Take a look and see who we’ve got working within…

pep [pɛp]


  1. energy and high spirits; liveliness. “he was an enthusiastic player, full of pep”

synonyms: dynamism · life · go · energy · spirit · liveliness · animation · bounce · sparkle ·

PEP Clinic

Based In Hereford

Pep Clinic offers a wide range of beauty treatments from some of the best technicians in Hereford. We have 3 advanced permanent make up technicians, specialising in cosmetic and medical tattooing. An advanced facial aesthetician offering fillers, anti wrinkle injections, fat dissolving and so much more. Our beautician has over 17 years experience, with eyelash extensions, massage, gel nails and advanced facials on her extensive treatment list. On the ground floor we have a full time nail technician and a make up artist popping in and doing their thing a few times a month.
This clinic is like no other in the county, offering everything under one roof. We have a relaxed and friendly vibe, welcoming everyone from all walks of life. A no judgement zone, just here to help put the pep back in your step. (Yes, I said that. No shame).
PEP eyebrows and permanent make up Hereford


(pep someone/something up)

  1. make someone or something more lively or interesting. “measures to pep up the economy”

synonyms: improve · enliven · animate · liven up · put some/new life into · invigorate ·

PEP Academy

Beauty Industry Training

Cassie has always been happy to help and guide new technicians in the industry so becoming a qualified educator, offering a range of courses seemed like a natural step. Whether you are a qualified technician that needs a refresh or a complete beginner, Cassie has the perfect course for you.

Not only will you learn how to perform treatments safely to an exceedingly high standard, but you will also learn the tricks of the trade that has taken Cassie years to discover. You will learn in depth product knowledge, best suppliers, social media and content ideas, best insurance companies and so much more.

The training groups are small, meaning you will get as much help as you need, so you can leave the course feeling knowledgeable and confident. You will also be offered unlimited on-going support and shadowing days if needed.

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