PEP - clinic and academy - eyebrows and permanent makeup Herefordshire

BegiNner’s complete PMU


This course will take you through everything you need to know to execute brows, eyeliner and lip line & blush to a remarkably high standard. You will also learn, the best places to get supplies, how to market your new services and build your career in the PMU industry.



The course will cover –

  • An introduction to micropigmentation
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Health and safety
  • In depth brow mapping
  • Colour theory
  • Know ledge of the machine and needles
  • Trolley set up
  • Product knowledge
  • Full treatment process
  • Live models
  • Photography & Social media marketing

Day One-

The first day of training will look at the theory of micropigmentation. After discussing all the relevant information, students will then get hands on with the machine and hand piece, working on pads and looking at different needles and styles of tattooing. We will also go through an in depth look at brow mapping.

Cassie will perform a demonstration of the ombre brow procedure in the afternoon. Students can film this for future reference.

We will then do a Q&A to address any issues before the following day.


Day Two-

We will start the day by practising some pad work before we set up the trolleys together and bring in our live models for brow treatments.

After the models we will discuss any issues you were unhappy with and troubleshoot them.

We will then start to look at the lip line and blush, discussing pigments and needles


Day Three-

Cassie will go through the theory of a lip treatment in more detail.

We will start with a session of pad work before we set up and work on models for a lip treatment.

After this we discuss the treatment and how we feel it went. Looking to troubleshoot any issues.


Day Four-

We will spend time going through the theory of an eyeliner treatment, health and safety, contraindications etc.

Cassie will then demonstrate a full eyeliner treatment.

After this we will work on the pads and try different needle combinations and techniques

in the afternoon we will set up the trolleys to work on live models for an eyeliner treatment. Using any spare time to discuss any issues and troubleshoot


Day 5-

The day will be spent working on live models for an ombre brow and an eyeliner treatment.

We will conclude the training by discussing product knowledge and best places to get pigments, needles etc. what to look for in insurance companies, how to market yourself on social media and any other trade secrets I wish I knew at the start!

You will be expected to do 6 case studies (2 of each area) before coming in for your final assessment and receiving your certificate.


COST: £5,500


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